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Biomimetical ingredients able of reproducing the physiological functions of youthfull skin

At the heart of the SOSKIN laboratory's strategy, experts in skin biology have carried out research on the skin’s structure and how the hormonal changes or environment can alter its biological mechanisms.

With the time, the barrier function becomes less efficient. The skin appears more sensitive to internal imbalances and less resistant to external aggressions. Production of elastin and collagen slows down, the supporting layer is therefore less dense and major compounds of the skin become rigid: wrinkles appear like folds, fine lines and micro-breaks which the skin can no longer repair.

To compensate for these imbalances and correct the appearance of the skin micro-breaks, the [A+] AGE PERFORMANCE range replaces the compounds naturally present in the skin to:


Pure ingredients, replicate the structural molecules made by the skin to tighten the skin mesh and to improve biological mechanisms.

[Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, Hydroxyproline]


Botanical based ingredients, supply the connective tissue with similar proteins to those of the epidermis to enhance its functions of nutrition and support by filling-in the skin’s micro-breaks.

[Centella asiatica, Yam, Soy, Chitosan, Hexapeptides]


Dermatological grade ingredients which are made compatible with the skin, promote the cell renewal process and dramatically improve skin quality.

[Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, Silicium, Glycolic Acid, Hexylresorcinol]

Why preserve the skin's structure?

The dermal layer is a connective tissue made up of a gel in which the fibroblast responsible or the secretion of molecules of structure are present. These are: elastin, collagen, glycol-proteins. This extracellular mesh constitutes the base of the epidermis support features. With many blood vessels, dermis is involved in the reparation of the skin and plays a significant nutritional role.

What is the skin's barrier function?

Driven to the surface of the skin, Keratinocytes cells which make up the epidermis, divide and flatten progressively to become biologically dead cells: corneocytes. Exposed to the environment these cells from the upper layer of the skin ensure the epidermis its barrier function by the skin turn-over process.

What are the biomimetic ingredients?

Bio compatibles, these botanical extracts mimic the action of the epidermis growth factors to reinforce the skin barrier function and to delay aging effects. Their composition guarantees a perfect affinity with each skin diversity. This skincare contains no ingredient which is unrecognized or superfluous to the skin and supplies the cells with nutrients which they need.

Why use the micro-encapsulation?

This unique technology of biomimetic vectors is capable of melting into the structure of the skin drive dermatological grade ingredients through the lipid layer of the cells. These liposomes provide the possibility of releasing to the exact dose of effectiveness hydrophilic or lipophilic active ingredients which are not altered by exterior conditions to the heart of cells. Without compromising tolerance.

Age Performance "Global" (wrinkles, loss of firmness): Extra-time for your skin, from the age of 40. Smoothing, moisturising, regenerative skincare inspired by the strength of nature to maintain your time capital.

Age Performance "Correction" (deep wrinkles, uneven complexion, early spots): Color-correction care with luminous, adjustable coverage and dermatological grade ingredients for use as treatments to radically improve the skin’s quality.

Age Performance "Structure" (skin slackening, loss of density): Redensifying repairing skincare regimen to recreate substance and comfort of mature skin. Formulated to improve flexibility and to reshape facial support. Compensates for cell renewal slowdown, nourishes the skin’s beauty and reinforces its supports after the age of 50.

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